• Metro-East Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs

    Do you try to make lifestyle changes, but struggle to make them stick? Have you battled with your weight, only to be disappointed in your results? Stop trying to lose that weight, and actually lose it with medically supervised weight loss programs at Integrated Medical Solutions.  We’ll use a thorough profile of your body type, caloric intake, nutritional goals, and other factors to come up with a weight-loss plan focused on helping you shed pounds and keep them off!

  • What does “medically supervised” mean?

    When we typically think of weight loss, we imagine unsustainable diets, hours spent in the gym and countless weigh-ins that ruin self-confidence. At Integrative Medical Solutions, we take a different, more clinical approach to weight loss. With a complete medical history and lab testing, we’ll provide a program that may include:

  • • Lab Testing
    • Medical History
    • Nutritional Counseling
    • Realistic Exercise Goals
    • Prescription Medication
    • Vitamin Injections

  • If you’re interested in tackling your weight goals once and for all, contact Integrative Medical Solutions to schedule an initial consultation!